On Okoro, the 5th night of the Māori lunar cycle, a fisher sets out to provide for his family. 

Okoro Ripples was developed in 48 hours for the Regenerate Game Jam. We received permission to reference Māori cultural practices and ancestral knowledge in Okoro Ripples as participants in the jam. Please honor this knowledge as sacred, significant, and belonging to the Māori people.

Development Team:

Hanine El Mir - Writer

Hayden McGeady - Programmer

Leah (breakerhale) - Artist 

Luke Linna- Programmer

oliviafiasco - Producer, Concept

Special Thanks: 

Barry Soutar, Ngāti Porou for writing a beautiful karakia.

Sam Barham for his mentorship.

Tihikura Hohaia of Parihaka and Aroha Healion for their inspiring presentation and knowledge sharing.

Gretta Carney for her guidance.

Contains the following assets:

Reel Sound

Spear Sound

River Sounds

Repository Link: https://github.com/Haydawg/Regenerate-game-jam-Matariki-2020


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The start up screen is stunning!

There is an issue with the game res so people with small monitors can't play the game or read all the instructions.

I absolutely loved the start of this - seeing the dual text against a beautiful backdrop like that was powerful. However, I think there may be a bug with webgl. The text has gotten slower and slower and now each letter takes one second to print. The dragging also is too laggy to do.

Memory sink or some forgotten loop running in the background?